2017-12-13 - EOF

Splendid. It's been 11 days since the last update.

Toying around with this place to ensure that I have all the trappings of a blog instead of actually being one. It's rather excellent.

Current writing projects:-

Park Street Station: Editing begins on the 15th of December. Exciting times.

Ashutosh's Pet: Earlier called "Cat Eater". Beta reading is ongoing. I am actually quite happy with the response.

The Fare is Thirty Rupees: A lovely rejection from Apex. Should I send it to Shimmer?

QPQ: Sent to StarShipSofa. Hopefully the lovely folks there won't reject it, but I do have a track record.

Cholesterol: Sent to the Guilds & Glaives anthology. I hope they take it.

Life projects:-

No added sugar: Going terribly. I have lost all the will to get by because of stress. But hopefully it'll get by.

Ham Radio: Called up the WPC. Got a number that I should call. I have no idea what to do but the Baofeng looks exceptionally delicious.

Work things:-

I'm in Bangladesh! Exclamation boing. Boing.

2017-12-02 - START OF FILE

Finally came around to building this place up. It looks empty and it smells faintly of vinegar. I think it's a good place to keep track of whatever is going on currently.

Current writing projects:-

Park Street Station: First draft complete. 50097 words. The #NaNoWriMo novel. I am actually happy with the way it turned out. Beta reading scheduled for Feb 2018.

Cat Eater: First draft complete. Second draft in progress. ~5,800 words. Beta reading scheduled for 14 December, 2017. Or earlier.

The Fare is Thirty Rupees: Submitted to Apex Magazine after rejects from both Clarkesworld (lol what was I expecting) and Pseudopod. Although I did get an editor's personal rejection from Pseudopod so...

This blog: First post, please comment. ??? words.

Life projects:-

No added sugar: Going okay, I guess. I've been mostly a month, and now I just have one sugary thing in the morning. A biscuit, generally.

Ham Radio: Seriously toying with the idea of applying for a license. If only to fulfill my SHTF fantasies.

Work things:-

I'm in Bangladesh! Exclamation boing.