Going for the last crawl

If anybody had told me that I would be able to finish a 50,000 word novel in less than 25 days, I would have definitely laughed at them. This is because they definitely did not know me. That is, if anybody told me before November, 2015. I remember the last day of October very well though. A Sunday filled with dread, and anxiety, but I pulled through and wrote an entire novel in the month of November. I was very proud. I put up statuses on Twitter and Facebook. My very own novel.
Unfortunately, writing it was way easier than trying to edit it and that is where it stands right now, mostly a year later with little to say for it. To be fair it's my second novel - the first one is also floating around in limbo waiting for revival.

Perhaps that is the course of these things. And also a harsh reality of my approach - that of not actually knowing anything about the story before it begins and ends. It was terrible to go through the sections that I had written, so this time it'll be the Architect's approach (as opposed to the Gardener's) that I will employ. Once I get an idea stuck to my head, that is. Perhaps a little romantic tale of a snail and a tortoise living happily ever after or some other such.
holds up spork