The Helicopter Ride

The helicopter was losing altitude. This was not over a field of snow or a lawn of grass, but over a city. The city that took its name from a banal goddess of death that had resurrected herself as a champion of the living. She hoped that the goddess would give her some protection and somehow project her stupefying powers of cheating death into a floating magical wrench that would repair her main rotor. Or, inject some fuel in the tank. Or whichever goddessy power that would make the helicopter straighten itself and not have her die along with a few Parsi aunties for company.
She had managed to maneouvre it next to the string of offices that peppered the coast of the city and all the cogs inside could only see a coast guard helicopter swerving out of control and had taken out their phones to take a picture.
"Fuck…it had to be now that she leaves me.", said she. 'She', meaning the ghost of her cooler elder sister. She had hijacked the copter - stolen is the better word, because no one was actually using it; and I'm sure you must have assumed so because of the use of that adjective - we'll come to that, and since when have we begun thinking of thieves as cool? Is it because of that book I bought to you? Nevermind.
The ghost of her sister had been giggling. She was a bit of bitch, though, but all that was forgiven because she had made her sister about five times cooler than her base 0 state. Who else could have sneaked over to the coast guard hangar and stolen a helicopter, after knowing precisely how to unlock it and get it ready for flying - she had also hacked into their communications system and made the poor sods of ground crew prep the helicopter.
It was fun, and she had somehow convinced her lame ass younger sister to get it done. It was a pain to do that, though. There was a long drinking session involved in which she had to do the following things:-
1. Convince the idiot to drink with her
2. Assure her that she, the ghost, had no ulterior motives
3. When 60% drunk to capacity, out that last bit of assure as a lie
4. Reassure her that it would not be that bad, as she did not, in fact, have any ulterior motive - as assured of earlier.
5. When 90% drunk to capacity, tell her that all she wanted was to have her die in a helicopter crash, at some point of time because as sisters they did a lot of things together, and dying in the same way somehow makes it as cool.
Which led her to this:-
6. The younger one (at 110% capacity and about to shed that excess 10% any moment now) asking her sister to teach her how to fly a helicopter. Now. Like. Right fucking now, you enormous bitch.

But you see, she was a ghost. So while she had decided to teach her sister to be as cool as her and pilot a helicopter, she had grown bored of the afterlife and decided to go down to Tartaros and wanted a companion. Her idiot sister would be suitable.

When the craft had somehow gained altitude on its own volition, she eased herself with great care back into her sister's head. She had come to know how to resist intrusion with remarkable speed, and had blocked the older one's more rugged (and y'know, very rough) penetrations.

There was a hundred second silence as the two of them were acutely aware of each other's separate physical existence in the same space, before their minds allowed the merger and they could feel the seething irritation on each other.
"...what?" "Oh really? It's my fault now? Somehow you're trying to kill me, and I'm the one who is the gigantic loser who does not get it." "It's okay, listen, I'm not gonna make you die today." "What the fuck do you mean, not make you die today. You're not my god, bitch. I'll tell mom that she should dig out your body and place the goddamn coin." "Haha, so funny. Dig an exploded victim and place a coin on the pile of ashes." "Well if you notice, that is pretty much what we did and Hades approved - we did a lot of pujas, you know?" "So why did I not get it? What happened - the courier boy was late? He couldn't find the building?" "No, you were just a gigantic cunt and did not expect it. You just don't believe any of us." "Pf." "Just try it once."

She did. With a spectral (pop) @fa-circle-o@ , the coin appeared on her forehead and she went (poof).

"What…the-" the younger one said before her 'copter cartwheeled into a large audit firm's glass windows, destroying much of it and causing 9/11 like symptoms in the country. # She saw her sister in line about a mile and a half away. They were acutely aware of each other's existence and looked at each other with a frozen stare that stretched equally on both sides. So 3/4ths of the distance from the land of the living covered by quickly decaying frost and 3/4ths of the mile from the side of Hades, quite decadent and stale frost.
"I'll show you, you bitch." the younger one mouthed and huffed in front of the line to the boat.