Welcome to this sparsely populated corner of the Internet.

It's basically a collection of links to all my different highly online... things? (It took forever to get this site working, with passable Linux skills)

My name is Kaushik, and I like dabbling in things. The following are a few areas of dabblery:-

Speculative Fiction

I enjoy speculative fiction and try to write some stories. Most never see the light of day on the Internet, but I will be happy to send you what I have written if you say hi at kazarelth+writing at gmail.

A few friends and I have a Podcast of speculative fiction from South Asia up at Unseen Fiction - I do recommend that you give it a read/listen. Currently on a short hiatus

I have narrated speculative fiction for several SF/F podcasts on the Internet as well.


I learnt the guitar due to the Greater Quarantine of mid 2020, and have some of my pieces up on SoundCloud... with a view of transferring them to a dedicated channel on the Internet. Perhaps a blog...

This also includes some bleeps and bloops made with several pieces of electronic music gear.


I am now a bona fide Retweeting machine over at Twitter

I am also in the process of developing a diary outside of Instagram and Twitter and all of that nonsense. I have a lovely little blog that is randomly updated here. 

I use a 128MB VPS to host this little piece of land on the Internet.

Blogroll (That's right folks it's 2004 again)

General Reading

Arts & Letters Daily



The Caravan

General Listening

Unseen Fiction - The only place for speculative flash fiction from South Asia